P&Z hears request for another distribution center

During its regular Nov. 05, 2020 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met to consider a PD for another distribution center (opposed by a resident), two new school sites, Justice Center plat. (watch official video)

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Tabled an Ordinance rezoning 44.918 acres of land from Agricultural District to Planned Development District with a base zoning of Light Industrial. The property is located east of S. Gateway Boulevard and south of Akron Way.
          Mr. Morgan said this is directly East of first Amazon project, currently AG.  Request is for PD with a distribution center, similar to other projects in the area.  Max height 60', open storage permitted.  There are some adjacent homes that are in the city limit, so screening is required.  Developer plans a 6' masonry wall.  They do have a requirement that no truck stacking may extend onto Akron Way, must be contained on the property.  Access is to Akron Way, which is under construction.  TIA has been done and reviewed.  Comprehensive Plan does not provide suggested use for this area.  Adjacent areas are LI, not what comp. plan specified (multi-family, town-homes).  Received no comment to public notices.
          Mr. Julian Bernal said this building will be behind his house, he's representing his neighbors, only about 25 homes in city limit there.  They feel left out in cold, 212 hasn't been finished and is very bumpy, construction damages it.  He questioned having a 6' wall with a 60' building.  There will be a lot of noise: many trees were cleared when sewer construction was done, and noise is high now.  A wall won't help with that.  He said there is a big tree line, he asked if more trees would be removed.  Mr. Morgan said their intent was not to, if possible.  Mr. Bernal spoke about trying to save the trees during the sewer work, and now.  Noise is a big problem, these are nice homes on big lots.
          Mr. Robb La Montagne, Developer w/ Hunt Southwest, said in reality the building will be about 48'.  Regarding the wall: they have discussed it with staff, and will provide a wall and some landscaping.  Mr. Bernal said several neighbors did not receive a notice; Mr. Morgan said everyone in 200' should have received one.  Mr. Bingham asked about 6' walls, if that was really sufficient to block truck noise - it's a spec. building, unknown who would be using it.  Mr. Bingham said he was greatly concerned, this will be like being next to a highway.  Noise abatement is an issue for him.  Mr. Bernal said they already hear trucks (and Amazon hasn't even started) when they removed 30' of trees for the sewer.  Many distribution centers operate 24 hrs.  Mr. Bingham suggested highway-style sound abatement.
          Mr. Chambers asked about lighting affecting homes - Mr. Montagne said typically the lights shine down.  Mr. Chambers asked about trucks going along Helms Trail - Mr. Zook said in city limits they post 'no trucks' signs.  The TIA only showed trucks using Gateway, there could be an option to use (the future) Sierra Parkway.  It would be inconvenient to use Helms.  They don't allow trucks in Gateway parks, by signage. 
          Chair. Shimkus asked if any way to prescribe operation hours.  Mr. Morgan said could set that as part of the PD, council would have to approve that.  It would hinder ability to lease the building.  Mr. Bernal said there was a strip of 212 that goes just to entrance of Gateway.  Finally fixed a piece of the road, just what goes to Gateway, rest is a crap road.  The 'no trucks' signs are ridiculous, only apply to through traffic, truckers know they aren't enforceable.
          Ms. Holler asked how far from property line the building was - unknown.  She asked if is enough space to put up a wall and leave existing trees.  Another rep said there is a 30' easement that they have no control over, their wall is near the building, then 30' to property line.  She agreed need more noise abatement needed that close to homes.  Mr. Montagne said could look at 8' ft wall, but highway grade isn't feasible.  Ms. Holler asked about parking lot lighting - Developer said that is up to tenant.  She asked about the TIA took into account development of Amazon and Goodyear.  Mr. Zook said yes, all intersections looked good, with 4 lanes will be more acceptable.  Rep 2 said all trucks should access Akron to Gateway to 80.  Mr. Chambers said that's not going to happen.  Ms. Holler asked about enforcement; Mr. Morgan said up to Police Dept.
          Chair. Shimkus asked if the wall was on the road on property - yes, about 1? 15? ft, then 30 ft to property line.  Mr. Bernal said the width of the building is more than the wall, the sound will come around it.  Mr. Helm asked about the wall - Mr. Montagne said just on the SE side, rest is open detention.  Wall is about 820 ft long.
          Mr. Bingham asked about how to reject to allow more consideration about sound issues study.  He spoke about land along 635 that were promised sound walls, didn't get them for 44 yrs.
          Tabled until a study may be done to decide what kind of wall or screening could help w/ sound.

  • Withdrawn: the HSW Addition Preliminary Plat. The property is located east of S. Gateway Boulevard and south of Akron Way.
        Mr. Morgan said item one and two are dependent on the zoning, applicant willing to withdraw items.
  • Withdrawn: the HSW Addition Site Plan. The property is located east of S. Gateway Boulevard and south of Akron Way.
  • Approved a site plan for Willet Elementary School, located southwest of Honey Creek Road and South Gateway Boulevard.
        Mr. Dixon said this is for a new elementary school, in Gateway development.  113k sq ft, 183 parking spaces.  Applicant wants to have a chain-link fence instead of masonry.  Mr. Bingham asked if chain-link was standard for schools - Mr. Dixon said yes, and have approved it for other schools.
  • Approved a site plan for Johnson Elementary School, located southwest of Vineyard Way and South F.M. 548.
        Mr. Dixon also for elementary school, in Overland Grove development.  Same size building as Willet, with 155 parking spaces, also requests chain-link fence.
  • Approved a final plat for the Justice Center, Lot 1, Block 1, located at the northeast corner of F.M. 548 and Justice Center Drive.
        Mr. Dixon said this is compliant w/ subdivision ordinance.
  • Adjourned at 1921
Thursday, 2020, November 5