Doe Belly's expansion would provide outdoor and indoor event spaces.

During its regular Mar. 11, 2021 meeting, the Forney Economic Development Corp. met to consider two incentive requests, one would provide covered area for Second Saturdays and other events plus stage and movie screen at Chestnut and Broad St.

  • Financial report: Mr. Burrus said 42% through the year, 49% expected revenue, this would have been the Christmas month which could skew values.  Expenses: staying ahead of projections, light due to vacancies, which is good financially but leads to less activity.
  • Interim Executive Director's report: Deputy CM Cardwell said continue to have great deal of interest in regards to property, mostly in Gateway for more manufacturing and warehouses.  Getting more inquiries from state and DFW, 2-3 / month, they reply to them all.  Will provide details next week.  Several realtor firms came to visit, looking at development around AMC.  Outlook continues to be strong, will cover more in executive session.
  • Approved application of an Performance Agreement for incentives for $10k, for Best Massage Ever, located at 530 Pinson Rd.
        Pres. McBeth said last time, approved at $10k, council had questions due to her only asking for $5k.  He said there is an explanation which they have provided for council, and a new application for $10k.  Ms. Lewis said prior was based on Full-Time-Equivalents (FTEs), up to $10k, feels should still be the amount due to number of people employed.  Mr. Coleman agreed.  City Attorney Mr. Thatcher said in past, done 1500 / FTE, currently set to 7 FTE's for a lump sum of $10k.  Council was curious why went to 10 when asked for 5k.  Asst. City Manager Jenni Smith said applicant agreed to the lump sum arrangement that was presented.  Pres. McBeth said that was paid up front, with verification of employment after 1 year.  Ms. Lewis asked about doing 6 jobs at $1,500 each.  Mr. Burrus said ok with 7 FTE, with note to council how they arrived at the amount.  Mr. Cardwell asked if new application was for $10k, that would satisfy council.  Ms. Lewis read their letter detailing why applicant originally requested $5k, and this location is just a few blocks outside the downtown zone, has not recently had a stable business, applicant has a 5 year lease and has made substantial investment in the property.  The EDC feels applicant is eligible for more than $5k incentive.  The standard FEDC incentive is per employee, applicant has already hired more people than the $10k limit can accommodate.  This additional $5k is 0.002% of FEDC budget.  In the last 5 years, FEDC has distributed $363k for incentives and grants.
  • Approved application for incentives for Doe Belly's, to be located at 903 Broad St., for $10k and $25k.
        Pres. McBeth said there are 2 grants - facade and redevelopment, applicant is eligible for both.  Mr. Thatcher said downtown extends to that location.  Mr. Patrick McCrea presented his vision for this location, the old Philbecks warehouse (at Chestnut and Broad).  Will renovate the 9k sq. ft. building, tear down to metal structure, add new electrical and plumbing.  The restaurant is 4200 sq. ft, the rest can be available for rent.  The 2nd Saturday and fundraising events could use the area around food trucks.  Also an entertainment area w/ a movie screen.  Will have restrooms in the boutique area.  This will be about 2.3 acres, a nice destination location for Forney.  Ms. Lewis asked about time-frame - Mr. McCrea said have contract on property, won't know until finalized.  Mr. Burrus verified this is in the downtown overlay, Mr. Thatcher said that zone had been extended in the past.  Ms. Lewis asked if zoned properly - Mr. McCrea said that they were told so by staff, but will need new water and sewer lines.  Pres. McBeth asked about environmental study - they have started, will demolish the house, don't expect asbestos in it.  For soil, will be scraped down 2 feet and filled.  Ms. Lewis asked about the current location - it's a lease, up this year, they need more space, hate to leave that location.  Pres. McBeth asked about approval being conditional on financing; Mr. Thatcher said will be in the performance agreement.

  • Held a 47-minute executive session
  • Adjourned at 1947
Thursday, 2021, March 11