Council petitioned for Chapter 143 election, ready to do Fire Stations

During its regular Feb. 15, 2022 meeting, the Forney City Council met to consider warning (tornado) sirens, PD Flock cameras, Chapter 143 petition, non-bond Fire Station expansions.
(watch official video)

  • Public Comment
    • Mr. Chris Sanders he said this is third time he's done this - lives in Mustang Creek subdivision.  Bought house 2007, moved here in 1977, graduated here.  Safety, or the lack of - he's brought this to attention of many, has been told city would have to do studies.  Concerns childrens playground.  When Brooklynn Village was built, and found out no one can own property, they fought it, he showed the substandard materials to council.  It's all rental property, he has concerns about traffic, only thing the city owns is the fence.
          His time ran out, Mayor Lewis said she would speak with him after meeting.

  • Approved as one consent item:
    • a Resolution authorizing the Police Department to purchase 26 Flock Cameras.  Documents show the cost is 78k, to be paid for with savings from vacant positions: 50k for Police Chief, 28k for Deputy City Manager.
    • a final plat for Forney Marketplace Addition, Block 1, Lots 2,3,4,5, 7 & 8, located northwest of the intersection of East U.S. Highway 80 and Marketplace Boulevard.
    • a preliminary plat for the ATMOS Addition, located at the southeast corner of County Road 212 and U.S. Highway 80.
    • a site plan for the ATMOS Service Station, located at the southeast corner of County Road 212 and U.S. Highway 80.
    • a revised site plan for Forney High School, located at 1800 College Avenue.
    • a site plan for First State Bank, located northwest of the South F.M. 548 and F.M. 1641 intersection.
    • the authorization to allow staff to seek bids for the Fire Hydrant Maintenance Project and all related issues.  Documents show this will cover 1,100 hydrants.
    • funding the City's overage portion of the Developer Participation Agreement with GVSW Forney Property Owner, L.P. for Design Construction Services of CR 212.  Documents show this amount is 696k, coming from Roadway Impact Fee Budget.

  • PULLED a final plat for Woodlands Crossing Lot 1, Block 1 located southeast of the intersection of the Union Pacific Railroad and F.M. 548.
  • Approved awarding a contract to Goddard Enterprises, LLC for the construction services for the Outdoor Warning Siren System and all related issues.
        Ms. Schlensker requested this be removed from consent agenda.
        She asked about the bid matrix - there is $90k difference, what were deciding factors? Mr. Zook said had compatibility issue on radios with first bids.  Mr. Holcomb talked to other cities, felt Goddard had better references. 
        Fire Marshal John Holcomb said went back to bid so it would work better for citizens - Goddard experience and references were better, Terrell has switched to similar system.  The committee felt it was best bang for buck; sirens are another layer of protection.  Even if cell towers go down, can broadcast through sirens. 
        Ms. Schlensker asked where American Signal was located - Wisconsin.  Goddard is in Oklahoma.  Ms. Schlensker asked if 12 towers here provides coverage equal to 13 from American - he said there is one lot that won't be developed for 5 years, no need to build now.  Ms. Schlensker asked if any other cities use just digital, like everbridge.  Only a few.  Ms. Schlensker asked if still looking at IPAWS, discussed in prior years - IT said this has to come first, but absolutely will.
        Mr. Daniels said just learned 3 existing sirens are actually repairable; Mr. Holcomb said if can get them operating on a temporary basis, will let council know.
        Documents state the cost is $538k.
  • Did not hold Public Hearing -
    • PULLED approval to rezone 46.463 acres of property from a Planned Development with a base zoning district designated as Mixed Use District to a new Planned Development with a base zoning district designated as Mixed Use District. The property is located south of U.S. Highway 80 and west of W. Broad Street.

  • Receive Certificate of Sufficiency of Initiative Petition and discuss and consider approval of an Ordinance calling a special election on said initiative petition.
        Ms. Brooks said received petition to adopt code, of 18 pages with 241 signature, 33 disqualified, one !provided information, so 208 valid, therefore petition is valid and Council is required to call for the election.
        Ms. Powers asked Mr. Daniels what that would would entail.  Mr. Daniels said best left to two parties involved.  Ms. Salgado verified this is only for fire and police.
        This was a lengthy discussion about this, details to follow...
        The special election was approved 5-1 (Ms. Powers nay).  It will be part of the May 7, 2022 election.
  • Discussion regarding proposed bond projects.
        Mayor Lewis read a statement, which in part read: after discussion, some public safety items need to be done Now.  Only have two fire stations for 80 sq miles.  The bond has 3 public safety items.  FD responds to every call, regardless of severity. 
        Mayor Lewis then moved to: revisit the design of fire station one, add resources at temporary location in the interim, and immediately begin work to expand Fire Station 3. The equipment and engine as the interim solution is estimated at 1.3 mil. Fire station 2, as presented in the bond, would be 6.7 mil, totaling 8 million, to come from the general CIP fund.
        This was followed by a lengthy discussion about fire stations, details to follow...
        Mayor Lewis restated her motion.  It Passed unanimously.
  • Held a 60-minute executive session re:
    • Project Umbrella
    • Project King Kong
    • City Attorney

  • Approved a final plat for Woodlands Crossing Lot 1, Block 1 located southeast of the intersection of the Union Pacific Railroad and F.M. 548. (this is the property owned by HEB LP, behind Racetrac at 548/1641)
  • Adjourned at
Tuesday, 2022, February 15