FEDC hints at a new Executive Director

During its regular May 13, 2021 meeting, the Forney Economic Development Corp. met to suggest a new Executive Director had been picked, and to privately consider a new project, and personnel.

  • Financial report: Mr. Burrus said are 58% through fiscal year, revenues at 65% budgeted, outstanding; expenses are under control.
  • Deputy City Manager's report: Mr. Cardwell said continue to get interest in Gateway area, for similar 'spec' warehouse projects in Light Industrial (LI).  Staff asking developers about considering N. side of 80.  Steve Silver area (behind WalMart) also has interest for LI.  Congrats to Ms. Lewis & Mr. Roberson for election to city council.  Selection committee has decided on a new pick (Executive Director).  Pres. McBeth said the start date is June 14.
  • Pres. McBeth presented certificates of appreciation to the outgoing members Lewis and Roberson.
  • Held a 34-minute executive session re:
    • Project Rodeo
    • Executive Director, Board vacancies.

  • Took No action
  • Adjourned at 1912.
Thursday, 2021, May 13